Call for Senior Representative: Deputy Ministers and Industry Infrastructure Forum

June 17, 2021

ACEC-BC is seeking a member for appointment to the BC Deputy Ministers and Industry Infrastructure Forum:

ACEC-BC appoints two representatives to serve as industry representatives on a joint forum with the BC infrastructure ministries. These individuals are selected from ACEC-BC member firms to serve a minimum 3-year term, renewable twice for a total possible commitment of 9-years.

To support representation of ACEC-BC member interest, we are seeking a candidate with broad experience in design and delivery of infrastructure including funding and risk management. Knowledge of BC government procurement and contracting practices, understanding of regulation and permitting, and relationships with the construction industry are highly valued. The representative’s experience supports credibility when working with senior government officials (Deputy Ministers).

Aligning with our Association values, we seek diverse voices to represent members and their interests. All external appointees of ACEC-BC are expected to represent our Association values of collaboration, innovation, community, inclusion, diversity, and equity.

Interested members are asked to submit a short CV and supporting details regarding alignment with the needs of the role. Members are asked to provide a letter of support from their firm unless they are the senior voting member for the firm in BC. Candidates will be considered by the ACEC-BC Nominations Committee and recommended to the Board for appointment.

Deadline to submit is July 9, 2021.



The Deputy Ministers and Industry Infrastructure Forum (DMIIF) is a construction and design forum supporting successful and efficient construction and management of provincial infrastructure. Members of the forum include Deputy Ministers and their staff representing the BC infrastructure ministries (Advanced Education, Citizens’ Services, Education, Finance, Health, Municipal Affairs & Housing, and Transportation & Infrastructure), Infrastructure BC, construction and design industry leaders, and ex officio construction and design Association leaders.

The Forum is led by co-Chairs representing government and industry, the Deputy Minister of Finance being the government representative and an appointee of the BC Construction Association being the industry representative. The co-Chairs work with a Steering Committee to set the forum agenda and coordinate joint projects on behalf of the Forum. In addition to the Co-Chairs and Deputy Ministers, there are 8 other members of the DMIIF (5 from construction, 2 from ACEC-BC, 1 from the design regulators). The forum includes 8 (non-voting) Special Advisors representing 6 construction and design Associations as well as BC Hydro and Infrastructure BC.

The purpose of the DMIIF is to:

  • Promote a construction relationship between industry and government, and support the forum partners to speak with a single voice in matters affecting public construction
  • Support awareness of emerging trends or tools related to public construction in other jurisdictions including alternate procurement and delivery, and assist government in the creation of policy or systems to support efficient delivery and management of public infrastructure
  • Support update to and principles of the Capital Asset Management Framework.

Expected Time Commitment

The appointed members are expected to attend a majority of DMMIF meetings and participate in those meetings. The appointed members may also participate in special projects (ad hoc or standing committees), and/or support ACEC-BC in identifying qualified specialists to support special projects.

  • Forum Meetings: The DMIIF hosts two to three 2-hour meetings per year. The meetings may be hosted virtually or in-person in Victoria.
  • Preparation Time: Depending on meeting content, the appointed members may expect a minimum of 2-hours of preparation / review time per meeting.

Special Projects: If the appointed members participate in ad hoc or sub-committees, they will be expected to commit additional time to achieve the objectives of the committees. ACEC-BC will regularly appoint other individuals to support special projects, particularly those that require specialty knowledge. The DMIIF appointees would be expected to assist the Secretariat in identifying and selecting candidates for special projects.

Submissions are now closed! Questions? Contact us at info[at]

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