Get engaged with ACEC-BC

August 25, 2022

Get engaged with ACEC-BC!

Today, more than 400 members of ACEC-BC offer their time as professional volunteers on our Board, on Committees and working groups, with the Young Professionals, and as appointees to partner organizations. These members know that we achieve more when we work together to build a community of common interests.

That’s the hallmark of membership with ACEC-BC – Better Together.

Why get involved?

Professional service with ACEC-BC supports our Association advocacy, offers the opportunity for members to develop skills, and builds profile for member firms and individuals. Committee members have influence and collaborate with partners like clients, regulators, and other associations to advance the business of consulting engineering in BC.

Engaging with an ACEC-BC committee or working group supports members to build new relationships and earn professional development hours as they collaborate with peers, partners, and clients.

What’s new?

Last year we introduced two new member working groups supporting professionals in Human Resources and Health & Safety roles. These working groups meet regularly to discuss and share ideas, while gaining important connections to other professionals in similar roles across the industry. In the coming months other members are seeking to form a regulation working group, bringing together Responsible Registrants to connect on managing firm level regulatory administration.

About Committees and Working Groups

All Committees are appointed by and report to the Board. Committees and Working Groups are seeking members with competence or interest in the group sector or practice area, capacity to support the work of the committee, and an interest in collaborating with other consulting engineering professionals to advance the industry.

All Committee and working group members are:

  • Located anywhere in BC
  • Employed by an ACEC-BC member firm in good standing
  • Committed to upholding the purpose and values of the Association including the principles of equity, diversity, and inclusion and will work together to ensure the Committee membership reflects the diversity of ACEC-BC

Ready to get involved?

If you or a teammate have questions or are interested in participating on any ACEC-BC Committee please send us an email at committees[at] with:

  • Your name
  • A short-form CV or LinkedIn profile
  • Committee you are interested in joining
  • 1-2 sentences on why you would like to participate

Call for applications closes: November 18, 2022

Opportunities: ACEC-BC Committees and Working Groups

Several ACEC-BC Committees and Working Groups have capacity to add new members. The important work of these committees supports our core member experience and industry profile across BC.

Building Engineering

Open positions: Chair and 1 – 2 new members

The Building Engineering Committee supports development of practice resources, supports advocacy with regulators / permitting authorities, and encourages collaboration with partner organizations. The committee is an exceptional group of experienced building professionals who work effectively to produce content relevant to members and clients.

Profile: The Committee seeks to ensure all relevant building engineering disciplines are represented; currently the committee would benefit from the addition of a geotechnical engineer. Other relevant disciplines are also welcome. Many of the current members have served as Chair of the committee and are interested to support a new Committee Chair.

Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion

Open positions: 1 – 3 new members

The Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion Committee provides a forum for the exchange of information about EDI including awareness, understanding, and application in technical practice. The committee is seeking to expand the diversity of the committee, recognizing that different perspectives and experience will best support their objectives and our members.

Profile: The Committee is seeking members from across the province, and in particular members with lived and/or work experience related to indigenous engagement and accessibility. The committee also would like to engage members from smaller firms that may not have broad, internal programs and who therefore may bring direct perspective on resource development benefiting smaller firms.

Human Resources Working Group

The Human Resources Working Group welcomes any members interested in connecting with other HR professionals working or leading HR practice in member firms.

Membership Affairs

Open positions: 5 – 7 new members

The Membership Affairs Committee act as advisors to the Board and Secretariat on the member experience, including Association communications and marketing. The MAC review and recommend new members for approval by the Board and advise the Association on member facing practices like renewal, on-boarding, and sponsorship.

Profile: The Committee is seeking members with broad industry experience and familiarity with ACEC-BC membership, including members with experience in Business Development, Marketing and Communications as well as technical practice.

Metro Vancouver Liaison

Open positions: Up to 4 new members

The Metro Vancouver Liaison Committee represents the interests of the industry with the federation and will participate in meetings with Metro Vancouver Directors and General Managers. Members wishing to join the committee are nominated for consideration and are selected by continuing committee members. Each firm may have only one seat on the committee.

Profile: Typically, committee members are senior professionals with consulting firms working with Metro Vancouver for a minimum of 5-years. Committee members have well established client contacts and relationships with relevant Metro Vancouver project managers and directors. Experience and understanding of Metro Vancouver practices including procurement, planning, and technical practice are necessary to participate on the committee.

Regulation Working Group

Open positions: 5 – 7 new members

Members with responsibility for internal regulated practice (i.e., regulation of firms, Responsible Registrant, etc.) have indicated their interest to connect with others in the industry to discuss programs and management.

Profile: Members interested in supporting formation of this working group are encouraged to join. Participants should be professional registrants with primary responsibility or a high degree of engagement with regulated practice including oversight of the PPMP and internal training.

Small Firms Council

Open positions: Up to 2 new members

The Small Firm Council’s purpose is to support the goals of small firms and the use of local companies in all manner of projects in the province. Networking, partnerships, and labour challenges continue to be important topics to support small firms.

Profile: Committee members represent a variety of smaller firms and practice areas. Members are interested sharing experience to support operational efficiency, networking, and advising on policy impact to smaller firms.

Sustainability & Climate Change

Open positions 1 – 2 new members

The Sustainability & Climate Change Committee formed in 2021 to create opportunity for members to share information, advance, and advocate for practices and resources relating to sustainability and climate change.

Profile: The Committee is seeking practitioners with a passion for sustainability and providing climate change mitigation and adaptation strategies to clients.

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