Introducing ACEC-BC’s

Climate Change Position

Presented by the Sustainability & Climate Change Committee

The Sustainability & Climate Change Committee is excited to release ACEC-BC’s Climate Change Position!

Our Climate Change Position is an organizational statement that outlines ACEC-BC’s collective understanding of climate change facts, the role that consulting engineering firms can play in addressing it, and our commitment to sustainability, resiliency, and responsible design practices.

Check out the video below featuring Pia Abercromby, Past Chair of the Committee and Al Strang, Committee Member to learn more about our Climate Change Position!

Questions? Check out our FAQ below!

Why was the climate change position statement created?
The position was developed to describe our commitment to promoting understanding of climate change and application of sustainable practices by our industry. The position aligns with similar statements from ACEC Canada and other partners.
Why does the statement refer to social/societal factors and not just engineering?
All engineering decisions impact society. Engineering professionals have a duty to understand the impact of their work on our climate and consider how they can incorporate more sustainable practices. We believe it is important to demonstrate our commitment to consider human factors and community knowledge in our decision making. Communicating our approach ensures that the communities we serve understand that our design and engineering solutions incorporate broad understanding.
Who drafted the statement and what is the review process?

The statement was drafted initially by a sub-committee within the Sustainability & Climate Change Committee. The position was reviewed internally by the committee before being distributed amongst the other ACEC-BC committees and then finally to the ACEC-BC Board of Directors, with feedback gathered, discussed, and incorporated at all stages.

The Position was approved by the ACEC-BC Board of Directors in September 2023.

How does the Climate Change Position affect engineering professionals and their practice?
The Climate Change Position reflects both our aspirations toward sustainability and actions already integrated in consulting engineering practice. Engineering practice complies with relevant regulation and responds to the needs of our clients. In BC, engineering practice already incorporates regulation supporting sustainability and resilience. The position is a reminds us of both our obligations and our aspirations.
What resources were used in the creation of the Climate Change Position Statement?
ACEC-BC’s position is primarily adopted from ACEC Canada’s Climate Change Position. The relationship ensures a cohesive and unified approach to tackling climate change on both provincial and national levels. However, a wide range of published climate change charters, position statements and guidelines from various engineering bodies and associations were also reviewed before creating ACEC-BC’s position statement. Listed below are some of the important documents reviewed:
  1. ACEC Canada Climate Change Position Statement
  2. Engineers and Geoscientists BC Climate Change Action Plan
  3. Engineers Canada National Position Statement on Climate Change and Extreme Weather Events
  4. FIDIC Climate Change Charter
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