ACEC-BC Member Bulletin

Building Information Modeling and Bridges

 ACEC-BC Member Bulletin: 

Member Bulletins are articles developed by ACEC-BC Committees and Working Groups and published for use by consulting engineering companies as a general resource. The information provided highlights relevant issues and practices for the industry and should not be construed as legal advice.

About this Bulletin – Building Information Modeling (BIM) & Bridges:

The ACEC-BC and BC Ministry of Transportation & Infrastructure Joint Liaison Committee (JLC) is a collaborative venue for the Ministry and ACEC-BC members to discuss, connect, and manage shared interest topics including regulation, technical practice, and procurement. The JLC agenda includes all topics of interest between the Ministry and ACEC-BC members and the JLC Bridge Sub-Committee focus on technical practice and topics of shared interest with respect to bridges.

In 2020, the JLC Bridge Sub-Committee formed a task force to evaluate opportunities for BIM in the BC bridge industry. To better understand the landscape, the task force developed the Member Bulletin: Building Information Modeling & Bridges, which collates published information including BIM objectives, practices, and considerations for implementation including a review of current use of BIM in other jurisdictions.
Following publication of this Member Bulletin, the task force will now turn their attention to the BC context with the ultimate objective of developing a roadmap for industry stakeholders to adopt high-value BIM practices.

Lead Authors:
Brian Delfino, Jamie McIntyre, P.Eng.

Contributing Authors:
ACEC-BC: Jianping Jiang, P.Eng., Naser Dafus, Parham Joulani, P.Eng., Neon Koon, P.Eng., Jeremiah
Shortridge, Drew Teal, Lihua Zou, P.Eng.

BC Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure: Alireza Ahmadnia, P.Eng., Sulman Ahmed, P.Eng.,
Justin Bae, P.Eng.

This Member Bulletin is a collaboration between ACEC-BC members and the BC Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure through the ACEC-BC/MoTI Bridge BIM Task Force

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