Call for Nominations: ACEC Canada Board of Directors

June 25, 2024

The ACEC-BC Nominations Committee is seeking a candidate for nomination to the ACEC Canada Board of Directors to represent BC members. Expressions of interest or referrals are now being accepted. Nominations will be accepted until July 17, 2024, for consideration by the Nominations Committee.

The successful candidate will be referred to the ACEC Nominating Committee for election at the 2024 ACEC Annual General Meeting in October 2024.

What is the role of the ACEC Canada Board of Directors?

The Association of Consulting Engineering Companies – Canada (ACEC) is a not-for profit organization that has been the voice of Canadian consulting engineering companies since it was founded in 1925. To learn more about ACEC please visit their website.

Who can serve on the ACEC Canada Board of Directors?

The ACEC Canada Board is comprised of Directors proportionally representing each (provincial or territorial) member organization. ACEC-BC has two Directors to ACEC Canada.

From the ACEC Canada Bylaws, a Director must be named as a Voting Member to be eligible to serve on the Board, and no more than two Directors can be appointed by any one firm. Directors appointed by ACEC-BC must be a resident of BC.

Other relevant information:

The ACEC Canada Board typically meet 4 times per year with the meeting venue rotating between different regions of Canada. Like all Boards, Directors are responsible for oversight of ACEC Canada, lead ACEC’s strategy, and hold a fiduciary responsibility on behalf of members.

ACEC Canada Directors are typically elected for a four-year term and are eligible for re-election once (maximum of two terms).

ACEC-BC considerations:

  • Aligning with our Association values, we seek diverse voices to represent members and their interests.
  • Typically, ACEC-BC seeks to nominate a candidate who has previously served on the ACEC-BC (or similar) Board.
  • ACEC-BC bylaw 6.6 requires that at least one of the two ACEC-BC Directors to ACEC Canada must also be a Director of ACEC-BC. Candidates must consider that they may – during their term – be appointed to the ACEC-BC Board as well as the ACEC Canada Board.

The Nominations Committee will consider each candidate’s technical and governance experience in the context of the future needs and values of the ACEC Canada, and relative to the skills and experience of our other Director.

Please note that candidates may be asked to provide a letter of support from their firm unless they are the ranking senior officer for the firm in BC or a Past Chair of ACEC-BC.

How to apply

See below for the nomination form. Nominees are asked to provide:

  • Contact information (nominator and nominee)
  • Current CV
  • Letter of support from your company (if self-identifying as a candidate)
  • Short description regarding purpose and fit

Who are you nominating?

Nominator (your contact information)

Nominee Information

PDF format only

Note: If you are the ranking senior officer for your firm you are not required to submit a letter of support.

PDF format only

Please provide a short description of why you think you or the person you're nominating would be a good fit for the ACEC Canada Board.

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