2024 ACEC-BC Awards for Engineering Excellence

Project Awards Intention to Submit

Deadline to submit intent: December 22, 2023 @ 11:59PM PST  |  Got a question? Not sure which category to select? Contact us!

Award Guidelines
Awards Intent to Submit
  • All ACEC-BC members (in good standing) are encouraged and eligible for entry into the awards competition.
  • Joint submissions involving non-ACEC-BC members are acceptable only if an ACEC-BC member performed more than 50% of the engineering work (for the submitted component).
  • Members may submit a maximum of two entries in any one category, and a maximum of one entry in each of the other categories.
Project Specific Rules
  • Date: Projects where the design and construction elements were completed between January 2023 – January 2024 are eligible.
  • Location: Only projects managed and largely engineered in a BC office are eligible.
  • Client Approval: Client confirmation of dates and approval to submit will be required during submission. Submissions under the Projects Under $2.5 Million category will require verification from the project owner on the total project construction costs.
  • Entry Fee: $1350+ GST per project entry. NEW FOR 2024To support members to celebrate with their clients, each entry includes 4 tickets to the 2024 Gala.
    • Note: The entry fee only applies to official submissions NOT the intent to submit entry.

Contact Information

Project Submission Details

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