Leadership in Consulting Engineering Program

Skills + Knowledge for building successful leaders.

A comprehensive nine month program that provides the relevant skills and knowledge for successful leaders in the Consulting Engineering industry.

Relevant Skills + Knowledge

We continuously update and refine the program structure and content to ensure it’s relevant to our industry today, and in the coming years.


Engagement & Collaboration

A program built around opportunities to engage with content, build connections, and collaborate with members across the province.


Innovation built in

Each course has been developed with innovative thinking and problem solving at it’s core.


2022 Program at a glance

Virtual Classes | 10AM-3PM PST  |  Program cost: $1,875 + GST

March 2
Leading with Purpose
April 6
Effective Communications
May 4
Leading Successful Organizational Change
June 1
Inclusive Workplaces
Sept 7
Business Development for Engineers
October 5
Contracts Part 1: Parts, Parties, and Risk Management
October 12
Contracts Part 2: Agreements Review, Management, and Negotiation
November 2
Finance for Consultants
November 30
Your Leadership Journey
March 2
Shelia Bouman, High Impact Lab
April 6
Catherine Ducharme, Fluency
Colin Macrae, Fluency
May 4
Leslie Fast, Leslie Fast and Associates Inc.
June 1
Kai Scott, TransFocus Consulting
Erin Davis, Erin Davis Co.
Sept 7
Ralph Kison, Kison Inc.
October 5
Jeff McLellan, BFL Canada
Tanya Sadlo, McElhanney
Stephen Berezowskyj, Singleton Urquhart Reynolds Vogel LLP
Chris Newcomb, Chris Newcomb Consulting
October 12
Mike Currie, KWL
November 2
Jason Low, McElhanney
Janesa Charles, Hedgehog Technologies
November 30
Shelia Bouman, High Impact Lab

Session Details

Empty First
Session 1: Leading with Purpose

The very best leaders are restless in their desire to elevate their impact on people and results. Learners at the core, they constantly seek opportunities for improvement in themselves and in their organizations. This workshop will engage participants in discussions to explore what leadership means to them and the impact they want to have as a leader. Participants will start to define a clear purpose and articulate their goals and objectives for this program and their leadership journey, setting the foundation for leaders to learn with and from each other as they take the first steps in realizing their purpose.

Session 2: Effective Communications
Communication has always been an imperative for leadership, but never as much as today. Massive change and persistent uncertainty in a distributed world, increases the need for ongoing meaningful communication. More than ever people need human-centered leaders who are authentic, caring, curious and inspiring. It is the quality of the communication that connects us and provides forward momentum and results. This interactive session explores our beliefs about communications and focuses on how we can shift our mindset and adopt new communication practices that address our distributed reality and help people learn and grow and companies thrive.
Session 3: Leading Successful Organizational Change
With the rate and complexity of change increasing in people’s personal and professional lives, understanding strategies for navigating and leading successful change is more important than ever. This workshop will provide participants with an overview of change management and strategies for leading successful organizational change, including key factors for successful organization change and the importance of leadership to successfully lead people through change and build more adaptable teams. Participants will explore the different roles in organizational change as well as strategies that can be used to prepare for, implement, and sustain change.
Session 4: Inclusive Workplaces
Equity, diversity, and inclusion (EDI) are top of mind for most organizations and leaders, but in many cases, there is a gap between awareness and having the skills and knowledge required to lead meaningful action that will effectively cultivate inclusive workplaces. The facilitators will engage participants in exploring topics of personal responsibility, bias awareness, and effective inclusive practices. The workshop will lead participants to consider redefining EDI as an opportunity rather than as a challenge to be managed and will explore actions for creating inclusive workplaces at the personal, interpersonal, and organization level.
Session 5: Business Development for Engineers
The Professional Selling Skills workshop provides participants with the critical business skills to enable them to succeed in today’s competitive and ever-changing market. This workshop will provide participants with a proven framework and foundation from which to secure work from existing clients and proactively engage in business development activities with new prospects. The workshop will also provide participants with strategies to differentiate themselves from their competitors in a professional manner and earn the right to do business by understanding client requirements and offering high-value solutions that motivate clients to make informed buying decisions.
Session 6: Contracts Part 1: Parts, Parties, and Risk Management

In this first of two workshops on the topic of contracts, participants will learn about key elements of contracts, agreements, and risk management.  The facilitators will provide a diverse and comprehensive review of key elements of contract terms, contract timing, insurance, errors and omissions, claims, and fields reviews.   Participants will learn about current contractual language challenges facing the consulting engineering industry.  Contract terms will be explored, considering scope of work, standard of care, representation and warranties, intellectual property and ownership of work product, reliance on documents, as well as compensation and payment terms. 

Session 7: Contracts Part 2: Agreement Review, Management, and Negotiations
In this workshop, participants will build upon the foundational material covered in Contracts Part 1. Contracts Part 2 focuses on the importance of fair agreements to consulting engineering companies. This includes detailed discussion of typical problematic contract clauses, and review of standard agreements that have been developed with the objective of being fair and balanced. The workshop also reviews emerging agreement issues arising from the implementation of the Professional Governance Act and the associated regulation of firms. The workshop will provide suggestions for setting up a system for contract management within a consulting engineering company, and tips for negotiating agreement clauses with clients.
Session 8: Finance in Action
This workshop will provide participants with a foundational knowledge of financial statements and the use of key financial analysis methods/tools. These financial concepts will be discussed in the context of consulting engineering and will include example case studies, scenarios, and interactive activities to drive a practical understanding of the material.
Session 9: Your Leadership Journey
Wrapping up the leadership program, participants will consider their leadership development journeys and apply their new learning to real-time leadership challenges. In this session, participants will reflect upon their experience in the program and share their learnings with each other. Through collaboration and the support of the other leaders, participants will be encouraged to share leadership challenges and support each other to solve them. The program will close with an opportunity to use the learning to refine their leadership purpose and chart the path for moving forward as their leadership journey continues.

Ready to elevate your leadership skills?

Applications are open until February 16, 2022 |  Program Fee: $1875+GST

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