ACEC-BC Return-to-office Survey Results

June 30, 2020

The ACEC-BC Return-to-office member survey results are in!

On June 2, 2020 we launched a member survey supporting return-to-office planning. The survey – developed by a working group of ACEC-BC members – was in support of the Association’s COVID-19 response principles of: 

  • Protecting the health, welfare and safety of the public
  • Providing safe and supportive working environments for our team members
  • Ensuring the consulting engineering industry remains resilient through the crisis and as our economy recovers
The results have been summarized to support members in benchmarking common controls and raising awareness of plans with respect to client-facing practices.

At the recommendation of ACEC-BC members and the RTO working group, we will re-run the survey in 4 – 6 months to provide insight into strategies considered effective and those that have been abandoned.

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