2022 Budget Guidelines for Engineering Services Document 2 – Buildings

November 8, 2022

Updated for 2022: Budget Guidelines for Engineering Services Document 2 – Buildings

The ACEC-BC Building Engineering Committee are pleased to provide this update to the 2009 Budget Guidelines for Consulting Engineering Services – Buildings Projects. The updated guideline aligns language and practice obligations with the Professional Governance Act and includes revision to all sections of the document to support clarity and consistency. The final version was reviewed by Engineers & Geoscientists BC, who ensured information accurately represented current professional governance.

“Guidelines like this are important for our industry and their partners to support awareness of the professional work necessary to deliver building projects. We greatly appreciate the support from our members and from Engineers and Geoscientists BC to produce this update for 2022.”

Caroline Andrewes, (Acting) Chair of the ACEC-BC Building Engineering Committee

In providing review and update of this important legacy resource for members, the committee recommend that any further resources supporting development of fees be reimagined to integrate modern design practices that consider sustainability, resilience, and social equity. Future updates will address these and any other significant changes in design practice.

With this new release the legacy guideline will be removed from circulation.

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