ACEC-BC Appoints Mike Currie to MMCD Client Consultant Agreement Sub-Committee

July 5, 2022

ACEC-BC appoints Mike Currie to MMCD Client Consultant Agreement Sub-Committee

The Association of Consulting Engineering Companies – BC is pleased to announce the appointment of Mike Currie, P.Eng., FEC to the Master Municipal Construction Documents Association (MMCD) sub-committee providing support to review and revise the Client/Consultant Agreement.

What is the MMCD Client Consultant Agreement Sub-Committee?

In May, MMCD formed a sub-committee including representatives from Consulting Engineering and Municipalities. ACEC-BC, the Engineers and Geoscientists BC Municipal Engineering Division, and Municipal Procurement Professionals were invited to appoint representatives to the sub-committee.

About Mike Currie

Mike is a Past Chair of ACEC-BC. He continues to support the Association in reviewing and advising on client agreements, procurement documents, as well as leading the contracts review workshop for the ACEC-BC Leadership in Consulting Engineering Program. A Senior Water Resources Engineer with member firm Kerr Wood Leidal, Mike serves on the Engineers & Geoscientists BC Regulation of Firms Advisory Group and is a former winner of the regulator’s professional service award!

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