Effective Leadership: Examining RTO Through an Inclusion Lens

September 24, 2020

Just when they may have been getting comfortable with leading remote teams, managers and leaders may be having to adapt their approach yet again.

As organizations return to the office, leading a hybrid team of both remote and in office employees may be more challenging for managers and leaders, especially those inclined to return to their prior in-office practices. The reality is that this new model is nothing like when all team members were in the office and there were no COVID-19 policies in place.

Leading and managing in the current environment requires a blend of communication styles, tools, and additional consideration for individual team members specific circumstances.

To support members and the industry, ACEC-BC’s Sharon Batchelor and Marcie Cochrane have developed a two-part series on Effective Leadership which explores the challenges of a hybrid work environment and examines approaches to consider as part of an inclusive return to office plan. Check out the series here:

  1. Introduction
  2. Part 1: Leadership and Communication
  3. Part 2: Team Dynamics, Tools, and Resources

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