We advocate for fair procurement through the ongoing education and awareness building to clients and members on the value of Qualification Based Selection (QBS), focusing the competition for professional services away from price and towards qualifications, previous performance, competence, and availability.

We advocate for balanced contract language by identifying onerous clauses in consulting contracts, for both clients and members; and by ensuring contracting language doesn’t impact one party adversely over another, and/or put the practitioner in conflict with standards of professional practice.

We advocate for the removal of barriers to doing business by working with regulators on the fair application of new legislation; and by developing user-friendly guidance, resources, and tools that provide context around professional practice issues and help promote and build the capacity of ACEC-BC members.

Policy Documents and Responses

Consulting Engineering firms are partners, experts, and innovators working for British Columbians.

Our mandate is to advance the business interests of consulting engineering firms in BC by advocating for fair business practices and building awareness of the industry’s contributions to society and innovative technical expertise.

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