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Events Planning Framework

What is the ACEC-BC Events Framework?

The Events Framework is an event type decision making framework for planning ACEC-BC events and meetings. The framework was developed using GBA Plus: gathering input and perspectives from a range of stakeholders to inform the discovery approach and the guidance provided with the recommended event type(s). Within the framework itself, GBA Plus is embedded in the process, ensuring event organizers are applying GBA Plus principles as they evaluate and select event types during the discovery and planning process.

The framework has been developed to make planning easier and more efficient while assisting event organizers in identifying key considerations and factors to consider.

The process includes two components

The  event type evaluation  is used to assist event organizers to

  • Identify event purpose and objectives
  • Identify and understand the audience
  • Assess appropriate event delivery types that meet the event objectives and audience needs

The  event logistics process  is used to assist event organizers to

  • Understand the event planning timeline and actions within that timeline
  • Define key event information required for event planning and delivery

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